It’s very common for your patients to misplace their rewards card. No need to worry because in our new program the staff ad-min can assign a new card to the patient using the Lost Card feature.

To assign a new card to the patient just follow the steps below:

Step 1: While you’re logged into the staff portal, search the patient you want to assign a new card to.(see” search” for more information).

Step 2: Now, from the patient’s profile click on the “Lost Card” button.


Step 3: From the modal window that appears, enter the new card number you want to assign and click on “Ok”.


Step 4: Now you can see that the new card number has been assigned to the patient.

Remember: The old card and the new card both will be associated to the patient but on the patient’s dashboard you will only see the updated card number.

Tip: When searching for a patient using card number, you can search using their new card as well the old card.

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