The Instant Rewards program allows you to offer your patients exclusive rewards coupons if they earn set number of points (points earned threshold) or spend a set amount (amount spent threshold) during one visit to your practice. The patient will have a set time to hit the threshold (points earned or amount spent). After the threshold is hit the instant rewards will be available for a set time period during which the patient has to decide if they want to make use of their exclusive offer.

*Here you can add the settings as well as the instant rewards coupons that will be available to the patient for redemption.

Add your custom settings using the following steps:

Step 1:  While you’re logged into the staff portal, Click on the settings tab from the left sidebar navigation.


Step 2: From the options, choose “Rewards”. 


Step 3: From the new screen, click on “Edit” for “Instant Rewards” option.


Step 4: From the new screen set the minimum amount a patient needs to spend in one visit to be eligible for an instant reward coupon.

Step 5: Set the minimum points a patient needs to earn in one visit to be eligible for instant rewards.

Step 6: Set the time period (in hours) the patient has to achieve the amount spent or points earned threshold.

Step 7: Time period (in hours) in which the instant reward coupon is available to the patient for redemption.

Step 8: Save your Instant Rewards Coupons settings by clicking on the “Submit" button.



Add your instant rewards gift coupons by clicking on the blue ‘Add Gift Coupon’ button.

*If the set threshold is hit you will get a prompt that the patient has unlocked instant rewards.


Click on the “Go to Instant Rewards” button and you will be see the available deals and the time left to redeem the offer.


The blue button at the right hand side lets you know that the instant rewards deals are active for the patient.


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