The referral tier program allows you to define unique rewards levels your patients will achieve for bringing in referrals. Each referral tier will allow the patient to earn rewards based on the number of referrals they bring in within a year. Rewards will be awarded when the referred patient starts treatment with your practice. Gift coupons can also be added as a bonus for reaching new levels/tiers. The patient can redeem their earned points at any time for an e-gift card, in-office product or service.

*On the referrals tier program your patients are striving to obtain new referral tier levels within a one year period and can maintain that level for the next year. 

Add your custom Referral Tier Program  is very easy with the following steps:

Step 1:  While you’re logged into the staff portal, Click on the settings tab from the left sidebar navigation.


Step 2: From the options, choose “Referrals”. 


Step 3: From the new screen, click on “Edit Tiers” for “Referral Tier Programr” option.


Step 4: From this new screen click on the blue “Add New Referral Tier” button on the top right to add your referral tiers.


Step 5: Now add the names you want to identify each tier level with. These names will show up on the patient’s account when they reach a new referral tier. Example: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Step 6: Set the minimum number of referrals a patient needs to bring in to reach your referral tier level.

Step 7: Set the number of points your patient will earn when they reach a referral tier level.

Step 8: You have the option to add a gift coupon bonus when patients reach a new referral tier level. Example: Gold Tier obtained = Patient earns 100 points and receives a $25 Gift Coupon bonus. 

Step 9: After you have completed steps 1-4, click “Save” to confirm your new tier and repeat to add more levels depending on your need. 


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