Milestone program is a great way to keep your patients compliant towards their treatment plan and/or entice them into coming back for a visit.The milestones program lets you offer rewards without actually giving out points.

The milestone program is used alongside your compliance survey.Through this program you have the option to reward your patients (with a bonus) when they complete a perfect score on the compliance survey a set number of times. You can set this number and the reward bonus your patients will earn. Once a program has been added it will apply to all of your patients. 

*A survey score is considered perfect if all the questions get a positive response.

To add your Milestone program follow the steps below:

Step 1: While you're logged into the staff portal, click on the "Settings" tab on the left sidebar navigation.


Step 2:  From the options choose “Programs”.


Step 3: From the new screen click on “Edit” for “Milestone Program”


Step 4: Now, the first step in adding your own Milestones Program is to add a name for your program.

Step 5: The next step is to choose the type of Milestone Program you need. It can be unlimited or limited as per your need. How and when your patients will achieve a milestone is based on the type of program you choose.  

*In an unlimited program your can set the number of perfect score surveys the patient must achieve to earn the milestone. The milestone will be achieved every time the patient completes the set number of perfect scores on the compliance survey. You can set the reward the patient will earn. 

*In a limited program you can divide the patient visits into different phases and each phase can have its own perfect survey milestone. When the first perfect score survey for Phase 1 is hit, the milestone is achieved. Once a milestone has been achieved for a phase the patient proceeds to the next phase.

Step 6: The next step is to add the phase name.The name you add here will be seen on the patient’s profile after they have achieved a milestone.

Step 7: The next step is to add the perfect patient(cumulative). This is the number of perfect score surveys a patient needs to achieve a milestone.

Step 8: The next step is to add the reward value a patient will receive when they achieve a milestone. The reward value can be points, Gift Coupons or both.

Step 9: After you have completed steps 1-5, Click on “Save”  to save your milestone program.


Tip: Here is an example to help you further:

A practice decides that each time the patient comes in for a visit they would like them to accomplish the following: show up on time, have good oral hygiene, and have no broken brackets. If the patient’s response to all of these survey questions is positive then it is a “Perfect Score Survey". Let’s say you have set the perfect patient(cumulative) to 5 visits with 200 points as reward at the end. The first 3 visits are perfect score surveys but only showing up on time is recorded as successful for the next 2 visits. The patient will not receive a reward yet. For the 2 visits after, if all surveys are recorded as ‘Perfect Score Surveys’  the patient  will automatically receive 200 points. The tally will now reset back to 0 so they can start earning again. This will continue through the length of their treatment for unlimited program and for limited program the patient will move on to the next phase.

Remember: To award points through milestone program, go to a patient’s profile and from the award points screen click on “Compliance Survey” tab. Take the survey for the patient and click on “Submit”. The points for milestones will be given as per your settings here.

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