Adding users to the new BuzzyDoc program is easier than ever. Here are the steps for Register New Users:

Step 1: While you’re logged into the staff portal, click on “Register New Patient” button from the “Dashboard” screen.regiuspng

Step 2: From the new screen, you can add the user in the following ways:

  1. Adding a user with email address:

Adding user with email address is really easy. Just enter the user details i.e first name, last name, email, phone(if any) and click on the blue “Register Patient” button.


Remember: No two users can be added to the program with the same email address. Email address has to be unique for every user. If the user doesn’t have their own email address then a parent’s or guardian's email address has to be used instead see section 2 below.

  1. Adding a user with no email address:

Adding a user with no email address is really simple as well. Just check the “User does not have an email id” check box and fill the user details i.e first name , last name , username ,guardian’s email etc.

After adding all the information click on the blue “Register Patient” button.


Remember:You can use this option when the user does not have an email address of their own  and provides a guardian’s email(in case of children). The guardian’s email does not need to be unique. But remember the username for these accounts will be unique.

Tip:You can add multiple user accounts with the same guardian’s email but different username using the second option(Adding a user with no email address). For example if you want to enroll a mother and son to the program then add the mother’s account using the first option and the son’s account using the second option where the guardian’s email is the same as that of the mother’s account.

*No parent confirmation is required for new account where a guardian email is being used instead of main email.

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